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Default Get Familiar With SiN

With SiN now relaunched on Steam, it is time to prepare yourself to re-enter the SiN universe, and here at Ritualistic we have some handy features to get you started!

<ul type=square>[*]SiN Walkthrough - While over six years old, Sexual Chocolate's walkthrough of the original game covers every mission in the game and is with you every step of the way![*]SiN Cheats - Walkthrough not enough? Real noob huh? Cheat yourself to victory here.[*]SiN CTF Guide - A must read into getting yourself started with the most exciting part of SiN 1 Multiplayer, get yourself ready to frag, SiN style![/list]
Of course, we do have a whole game section devoted to the original SiN, so check it out, and get online!
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