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Default Re: Censorship in the Steam version of SiN?

Originally posted by MadMax:
Aren't you getting a bit much worked up about such a tiny issue? I'd have much bigger problems with the changed artwork in the maps...
The changed artwork is due to legal issues, as is my understanding. That could cost quite a lot to be able to have those particular pieces returned to the game. Therefore, I can understand changing that stuff.

Howver, this censorship of nudity is completely basless as far as I can tell. Censorship in of itself is bad, and I can't see why it should be tolerated at all. I even pointed out an instance where an attempt at censoring a texture has caused a bug/error/glitch ingame where there was none before. If censorship is not troublesome enough, having new bugs being created should be enough of a reason to not like this.
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