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Default Re: Censorship in the Steam version of SiN?

wow... i really had to think about this one.
i've pretty much spent my life fighting censorship, but admitedly, there's a difference here. it lies within who is censoring it and for what reasons. personally, I'd rather see the original, but i digress it was the developers' who have modified / edited their own content in this case, not some huge fascist black hand or 'the man', or religious zealots doing it. if the reasons were for adult content in a game that they know will have a younger following, then i would applaud their decision just because it's good business sense.

it's not unusual to see artists modify and edit their material in an evolving manner to appeal to the right audiences, and this i feel is what's happening here. in my younger days, i would have been one of the first to jump up and yell something to the effect of 'ah man they're selling out!, that's total bs!'... but after seeing how this industry works, imo it's not an unreasonable edit to make.

if seeing a nipple is the highlight of your day, i'm sure you should be able to find something in any search engine... just type 'nipples' into google and see what pops up (pun intended).

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