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Default Re: Censorship in the Steam version of SiN?

Originally posted by Omega1:
.Are we living in such a paranoid time that developers (In any form of media, be it video games, movies, etc) feel that a visible nipple is going to cause a massive public outcry and backlash? What next? Put pants on Michelangelo's David and throw a towel over the Venus De Milo's naughty bits?

This is a bad prescedent to be setting and does not bode well for future standards. I, for one, do not want to see creators going back through their work to change it to make it more acceptable by the day's current standard. But, should that prove true, is this really what we're degrading into? Have the terrorists of prude-ism really won?

an interesting point, and to a point; i agree with you... but without a formal explaination from the devs, every part of this conversation is purely speculative. i have to say that imo if they were truly censoring the game, they would have done something about the language dialogue as well, but that seems to have remained intact.
really though, by comparison, Micheangelo's David would have to be edited / censored by the artist himself to be applicable in this respect... and i don't see that happening any time soon.

the point i was trying to make is that if you put yourself in the shoes of the developers, do you make a small and somewhat trivial edit if you know that your product will find a more tangible and accepting audience, or do you refuse to compromise your artistic creativity, perhaps not getting your material seen at all by refusal? since we don't know really that this is the case, again, pure speculation. i still don't think it's an unreasonable edit because it's just a nipple, and tbh wasn't a very clear view of one. it certainly didn't appeal to my 'prurient interest'.

my view: blame Janet Jackson!
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