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Default Re: Censorship in the Steam version of SiN?

I wonder if anything would really happen if all the old content was still intact. I would like to see it happen and see if any legal action would be taken. Sometimes, you see things in games and nobody cares or even notices. It is like this only happens in things which are popular or spread among a wide audience. If Christian groups are so compelled to do this stuff they should just censor absolutely everything no matter the cost (NAZIS! COUGH...). I mean, why bother if you don't even go all the way? I'm still waiting for them to pull this off but most likely it will never happen (thank you!!!). Silly people... they cant even say the word nipple under their breath without turning bright red in the face and getting angry about something. Still its only a game, but this isn't only about the game. People need to loosen up about this stuff. I don't see why people are so tense on sexuality anyways in the US. Look at other countries and see the results of their behavior and beliefs. I still think the only way to overcome censorship is to act against it.

Okay. :P

Also, what is this I keep hearing about a fully nude bit? Me must know more... Elexis!!?
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