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Default Sin2 still sin? Questions to the DEVS !

hello, I'm a great fan of sin 1 but somehow I'm really concerned and really want to know if you can answer my questions Ritual:

1. Is there still this kick ass music like in Sin 1, cranky guitars etc.? I only listened orchestral music so far......

2. I didn't hear Blade so often when Jessica or JC talked, he mostly comment everything or when he shot badasses he spoke some great stuff. Isn't it now?

3. The Badasses are they still making arguments like "Get'em" etc.?

4. Why did you change Elexis so drastically? She really doesn't look like in Sin 1, she is more cute and brave than a bitchy kick ass bitch.

It would be great if you can answer my questions and why you changed these points when you changed them perhaps.

I don't want spammers here please ! So proof that you are a serious community.
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