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Default Windows XP install question

I want to make a dual install using 98 and XP. So far, I have 98 installed on the first partition and the second ready for XP, but at the moment I only have one copy of XP and activation code (OEM version). It's installed on my main computer.
My question is this, if I used my OEM version of XP with SP1 to install on the second partition, and used the activation code for an upgrade version of XP (meant for 98 and ME), would that work? Best Buy has the upgrade with SP2 for about 60 bucks this week, which isn't too bad, and if the code would work I'd consider buying it. Anyone else ever done this, and did it work? If nothing else, I could always buy a second OEM copy online, or install 98 on the second partition and upgrade it, but I don't totally trust installing XP over 98, with my luck I figure it would cause issues.
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