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Default [WIP] White Blade Reskin

I'm sure most people were quite confused at seeing Blade's skin tone inexplicably changed to black in SiN Episodes (I'm not aware of him possessing any chameleon-like powers, at least none that have been revealed yet), so I'm working on a reskin to make him white again like he was in the original SiN. It's not perfect, mainly because I hate dealing with all the subtleties of the human look (Damn complex organisms!) but I think this is still somewhat decent so far. Actually, I think all that's really left to do is the view hands skin.

I based the skin on the original Blade texture. It was kind of hard to make an actual comparison since the SiN 1 texture wasn't all that high-res, but that was the reference I used anyway. I also compared my reskin to the skin tones of the new JC, Jessica, and Elexis SiN Episodes models to keep things consistent. Also, I made Blade's eyes blue because that was the color of Blade's eyes in the original game.

Here's a preview pic of the skin. I would have taken a preview picture of the skin on the actual Blade model in Source's model viewer, but the Blade model is still encrypted. Also, I was going to take in ingame picture, but I forgot why I didn't. Something must have prevented me from doing that. Anyways, since I forgot to label the picture, try and guess which one is the black Blade and which is the white one!:

I'm also planning on a reskin to remove Jessica's nose ring, as per early concept art picture things.
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