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Default Re: [WIP] White Blade Reskin

Originally posted by Xenogenetic:
He is black, its part of the story. Have you listened to the way he speaks? I know he is black for a fact because it says he is in the SiN Anime and a couple other places.
But that doesn't change the fact that, up until now, Blade has always been portrayed as being rather caucasian. He might be 1/8th black or whatever, he certainly has the facial features, but that doesn't explain his mysterious skin color change. And there is a very significant change that cannot simply be explained by a heavy tan. I'll let you judge for yourself:

Blade even appears quite caucasian in that wacky American-made-but-trying-to-emulate-Japanese-animation Sin: The Movie anime movie.

Simply judging by the way he talks isn't a very reliable way to determine his ethnicity, especially since he's a fictional character. If we did that, we could easily assume that, say, Darth Vader is black, even though he's supposed to be an old bald white dude.

Also, I don't see how you can count the Sin anime as being cannon. Seeing as one of the main characters is instantly killed off within minutes of the movie, that might cause it to lose some of its credibility.

And again, Blade's ethnicity is most likely part black, but he certainly never looked it that much judging by the skin color he always had.
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