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Default Re: Stop regulation

Originally posted by Moleculor:
There is no such law. Such a law is unconstitutional, as it implies that game makers -must- rate their games (and freedom of speech also guarantees the right to not say anything, which includes rating games).

Heh, well first off it wouldn't be. RP/UR would just be put under the only adults can buy category. Anyway, my experience has been that no store is allowed to sell games Rated M to any one under 17. Now I can understand stores like Fred Myers placing such "laws" but not everywhere (granted I don't shop everywhere.

anyway, it my only be Company law, but it can still go away. And if the have the right to not rate their games make AO content games but don't get them rated. Wohoo. So we can already get a way to get around it, now what?
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