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Default Corrupted Saves


Just got killed a few moments ago and suffered a game crash upon quickloading. This happened several times, so I restarted my computer and the problem still persisted, it even stops me from accessing the load screen via the main menu.
I went to my Sin Directory and save my save files and corresponding tga picture files, all but one of them couldn't be opened, resulting in my image program saying 'This file cannot be opened', so I moved all my saves to another directory and left the one save with the working picture in the SAVE folder, I could access the load screen and load the save. However, this save is about 10 minutes into the game with very little progress made, and the saves that were lost were well into the game, and as you can imagine, this is rather frustrating due to stats etc.

So, is there any way to get my saves back to their former glory or will I have to start over?

Thanks you your time.
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