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Default Re: SiN Episodes: Emergence Feedback and Suggestio

Originally posted by azz0r:
+ Excellent sound, better cache than HL2, you can hear things screaming in the distance and things sound far away when they are, simply great
+ Excellent weapons
+ Headshots are easy and feel satisfying
+ Stats are awesome
+ Boob physics

- Terrible monster design
- Fall damage is too high
- Story wasnt explained to me, as Ive never played a Sin game before I was lost
- Terrible Lip Sync
+weapons: I really hope there are no uber weapons, i prefer each weapon to have a niche.
+headshots are good
+stats... bring the best parts of arcades into this game.
+personaly I like how the antagonist has a nice rack; but your side kick is more modest. They seem to balance eachother so no matter your size preferance you get the cleavage you want.
+phospherous grenades: so much better than lighing crap on fire in HL2, I acually wanted people to get thrid degree burns for my enjoyment.
+nice use of cover by the AI, although they wern't grenade happy.
+ sintek gunners... they unleash whoopass, they gib... they make me happy to be alive to kill them...
+scope on the assualt rifle was nice, (and i can just see your sniper rifle using duag rounds)

- the monsters arn't terrible but they arn't terribly unique either
-the falling damage was a little stiff
-you do need to have a little background in the story... but youll also see that most of the game you run though location you'll swear you've seen in the original sin.
-I was to high on adreniline to notice...
*-change the melee system, id like to see you be able to pull of a minor attack string and possibly hit people weapons away
*-duag rounds dont go through doors (or some)
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