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Default Re: Source SDK mapping support?

Originally posted by Iggy01:
I wouldn't mind to give it a try to, I was looking for another game to design levels for other then Duke Nukem 3D. (Yes, a ten year old game.)

If only I knew how modern leveleditors work. :/
heh I've worked my fair share of map editor's

Build engine (Duke 3D, Shadow Waorrior, Redneck Rampage, Blood)
Worldcraft / Hammer (Quake1-2, Half Life and source based engines)
UnrealEd (any Unreal engine based game)
RA Edit (Red Alert Editor)
FinalAlert (Red Alert 2 map editor)
Final Sun (Tiberian Sun map editor)
BF1942 map editor
Dark Reign 2 (built in)
Warcraft 3
TA map & mission editor (Total Annihilation)
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