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Default Re: Back to reality - stuttering beyond belief.

I'm experiencing serious stuttering as well, though it sounds like it's not as bad as Erik's issue. I'm at work, so I can't do the dxdiag thing but my system specs are:

Opteron 165
GForce 7800GT
Asus A8N Premium SLI (using Realtek onboard audio)
2 GB PC 4200
80 GB and 250 GB HDDs
450W Antec PSU

AFAIK all drivers are current. I'm using the default settings: everything on high w/ 4x AA and 8x AF at 1024x728.

The stuttering is by far the worst during the intro sequence when there is a lot of dialogue, very reminiscent of the stuttering issues on the HL2 train station map (with which I also had stuttering issues). Once you get down to killing people the game runs well.

I'll try backing off some settings and see how that affects the stuttering, but I just wanted to weigh in so you guys know it's not an isolated issue.
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