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Originally posted by Maniac:
Well then if that's it my money's still on driver failure/conflict. If your ram is passing memtest it's fine.

Also make sure your drivers are not overwritting ANY game settings such as v-sync, aa, or af.

Finally, if you're overclocking (even if it's not overheating) stop!

Drivers arent overriding anything, no conflicts either [img]/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img], everything is up to date on here.

I have stopped overclocking =), im fine at 2.8, I dont get any other problems with any other game, so therefore it couldnt be the drivers or anything, I can play fine for about 15 mins then boom, I dont think my GPU is over heating either...those can withstand a little heat especially since its a 7800GT...
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