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Default Re: ISSUE: Game Stays At Logo For A Long Time

Originally posted by Bishop:
Originally posted by Maniac:
I don't recognise your driver version for your graphics card as an officially released driver by nvidia. That could be your issue. Upgrade your driver to the latest offical betas on

I'm using what was bundled with the card. According to the nVidia website, the newest availible driver (ForceWare Release 80 Version: 84.21) doesn't support the 7600GS. It's a fairly new card... though I know that a lot of times there are updates availible to the bundled drivers before the card ever hits store shelves. Knowing this, I tried updating the driver when I first installed it, but it didn't work... didn't support my card. If anyone can find an official driver that supports my card, please, let me know! I'm not having any luck.

Can you please temporarily disable GoBack, delete the "sin episodes emergence" folder from your SteamApps[username] folder, then try launching the game?

The first launch, the game extracts out quite a few files, and I wonder if GoBack is interfering with the extraction.
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