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Default Re: Installing skins.

Originally posted by SplitSoul:
I'm curious, how do I utilize skins once I've edited them? I tried placing the .vtf and .vmt files in the "materials" folder with the same folder structure found in the GCF, as was the proper procedure with HL2 skins, but it's not showing up in-game. What am I doing wrong?
afaik, you have to make a separate mod using the Source SDK, set up the gameinfo.txt file in the mod folder to use SteamAppId 1300 instead of 220 or whatever it is, change the Game value from hl2 to SE1, save the file, put your textures in the directory structure you used in the original SE1 folder (materials/models/characters/*model name*). then launch the mod and you should see the changes. I had some troubles getting the mod to work without crashing before the main menu in the game, though. I solved that by moving everything in the mod directory to some other place, only leaving the gameinfo.txt file and the materials folder there.
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