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Default Wow, this game is a system hog.

Half-Life2 looks better then this game and it runs better on my PC. SiN is running very ugly on my PC. When ever I see a large enviroment (like the underground part on where you go through this big area and then the bridge explodes) the game goes at like 20 FPS. And this game has very large fire fights, especially the ending. When I was doing those firefighs, it wasn`t running so well. It was really going at the speed of 60-35 FPS. I had all AA and AF off and I still had bad performance on my 7800GT.

I guess Ritual didn`t fully finish the game yet, they must`ve rushed it. Source it supposed to run great on all gaming PCs ( (even low-end ones), but I have a high-end PC and I`m not seeing anything good from the slide-show.

Oh well, the game is still fun. I just beat it and I have to say, the game is intense. But I would really like to see the game going at smooth frame-rates like those trailers.
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