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Default Re: Wow, this game is a system hog.

Wrong forum for this I guess, but since this is a gripe and not a real request for help, I'll bite. I have to run 1680x1050 or things just don't scale right on my screen. Anyway my computer's a year old, I've got an Athlon 3200+ with a gig of ram and a Geforce6600GT. The game runs like silk.

One thing I did was left the textures models and shaders at high, but decreased shadows and switched to bilinear filtering and no AA. I can't notice any hard edges at this res (my screen's 21" and I can't lean too close to it anyway). I have 40 second load times, which kinda blows but I had that issue in Half-Life 2 as well, except the levels felt a lot thinner, less to do or shorter.
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