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Default Re: SiN Episodes: Review, right and wrong (spoiler

If Jessica had bantered, there'd been one more story scene, the Heavy Gunner waves hadn't existed, and the game not relied so much on locked rooms with waves of enemies coming in (ala the worst part of Half-Life 2), then it would have been 8/10 material.

Unfortunately, the last segment of the game, on Extreme, simply is THAT bad.

Like you say, playing it again should well be fun, but why doesn't the game allow me to start from any chapter I reached previously? Why didn't it pop up my stats screen after the credits so I could get my true, final stats? It just lacks a certain polish which would be required by a game worthy of 8/10 (I don't do the 7-9 scale, 6 to me is fun, but forgettable).
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