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Default Re: Horrendous pixellated random game crash

by the way, i tried Speedfan (thanks for the link) and after playing for about five minutes shut down the game and checked it again. I can't pretend to understand what it all means yet but if its any help here are comparison temperatures:

Temp1 25C
Temp2 37C
Temp3 7C
Temp 1C
Temp1 51C
Temp2 56C
HDo 41C

Temp1 25C
Temp2 55C
Temp3 17C
Temp 1C
Temp1 53C
Temp2 68C
HDo 43C

There seems to be a big hike in temps for the 2 'Temp 2's' and the Temp3. but I'm at a loss to know where to go from here. Does it just mean my processor can't handle it? or is there a setting somewhere I can adjust? I can't believe an Athlon 3400+ can't cope with a game like this.
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