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Default Re: Sin Emergence CRASH

I'm playing the game since it has been released and had time to finish it one time. This morning I relaunched it and it has been impossible for me to go farest than the 2 introductory videos.
I can't play anymore this game!
My other source games are still fine.
I've got a dump file generated at each crash.
I've followed the classic steps advised on Steam support page for Source based game, but no positive results.

I can tell the game crash a around the sound initialisation. Source as the time to reset my speakers settings to stereo and mute the ouputs (it does that with each Source game and latest Creative drivers, for as long as the Steam session goes).

I'll wait before providing the dump until the next patch, to see if something is fixed, but I doubt it.

edit: by the way I played the whole game a first time in two days without any crash nor saves corruption like I've seen on forums.
I'm feeling like trying to uninstall/reinstall it, but it'll take a while since I've got the preload version and only a 512k connection.

Ok, I "played with Sin files a little bit:
1) I had the idea to remove the config.cfg file before launching the game.
2) Under the same Steam session:
a) I launched the game, which didn't loaded every textures. 80% of them where black, and sounds were missing. So I quit the game.
b) Relaunched the game: in which everything was alright at the exception that just when you're about to see Jessica, there are continuous HD access which block the game. So I quit the game.
3) I launched HL2, and it crashed the same way than SE:E, at the main screen loading.
4) ZOMG! The disease was spreading! I panicked, closed steam and launched a manual AV detection, which found nothing (yeaah top notch security as ever :P)
5) I reboot the PC, then relaunched Sin episodes. Same bug as 2b.
6) I removed my command line options (which are the same for all my Source based games :
-heapsize 512000 -preload
7) Relaunched SE:E, and everything went super smooth (except for a few sound glitch that didn't appeared when I played the game before, surely because of the manual heap size).
8) I reput my command line options and relaunch the game, everything is smooth
9) My HL2 is now launching perfectly without changes at all?!?
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