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Default Re: QUICK FIX for players getting stuck at U4_labs

Oui, ma sauvegarde serait un bon exemple, sauf que tous les statistiques actuels seront changer pour les miennes.

Pourtant ca l'a marcher avec plusieurs personnes, c'est ca que je ne comprends pas.

As I looked deeper into the subject, there seems to have 2 version of the games, one pirated and the one on steam. Pirated version seems to have autoexec.cfg while lot of ppl on steam doesn't see anything as autoexec.cfg.

Il est important aussi de charger la partie avant que l'automobile style "crash test dummies" entre en collision avec le mur.

Maybe it could be a great idea to see what your normal cfg (config.cfg) looks like, and if you happen to have a autoexec.cfg, look inside it, see what it has.

Mais pour beaucoups ca a marcher.
For alot of people the trick seems to work. Only the few don't manage to get it done correctly.

So, I'd like ppl, EVERYONE that the trick does not work whatsoever to tell me. Because you see, from 700 persons, only 3-4 or 5 at max replied that it did not work.

I'll try to see what could have gone wrong. I know its about the a.I. being disabled, but at some point, I had to do it, it was the only way for now, or ppl can just skip the level, but that's not recommended at all.

I'd like more and more ppl to tell me if it works or not.

Tu vois, beaucoups de gens ont réussi, que des exceptions.
Parcontre, je vais aller voir ce que j'aurais pu faire de mal, mais néamoins, je sais que pour moi çca la marcher èa 150%, j'ai rater la premiere fois, je me suis reessayer, et ca marcher.

Try it more than once, I know it works. Or at least can I have more than 20 persons telling me it does not work?

So like this, I'll consider the issue more seriously. While on the other hand, there seems to have alot of people enjoying that trick. Way more.

I need 20 persons to tell me it doesn't work, and I'll create the patch for you before Ritualistic does [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]
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