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Default Re: QUICK FIX for players getting stuck at U4_labs

tried everything you have posted and nothing works.

the problem is as soon as I set ai_norebuildgraph to "0" and reload the game, I get the messege "something is out of graph or sync or something" and then A.I disabled.

everything, as soon as it is set to 0, A.I stops working, no matter what.

If I do it while he walks towards me, he only say his first dialog, (a few sentences) then just stands there doing nothing when he is supposed to say a lot more.

Right, so are you telling me, you are playing the game, you get trapped, you enter ai to "0" and then you see whats going oN?

Can you specify me if you saved and enter the command in the actual game, and then you load what you saved, don't save after entering the AI to "0", save BEFORE, and then the command, and then you can load what you saved.

Just specify, every step you are doing one by one, while trying my trick. Just a step by step procedure (I iknow I wrote my procedures) But maybe there's something done wrong. KABALANA didn't get it the first time. All your problems are related to his. He managed to get it to work though with my trick, he was just not doing something right, sometimes just a little thing can make all the difference.

Write it so I can see it like this:


And I'll try EXACTLY what you will write to see if it don't work for me like it didn't for you.

Deal? [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

EDIT: Forgive me, I don't want you to think that I think you are dumb or something. But since I'm from a distance, I can't always see whats going on, so doing what I asked you would be of great help to me so I can understand you more.

Tell me even, from WHERE you started.
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