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Default Re: Which maps were designed by Castle?

Modern games, particularly first person shooters, are getting so incredibly complex that it seems to be getting harder and harder to say "this person designed that level, and this other person designed this other level..." Take Doom 3 for example. Virtually every in game object, machinery, terminals, gore, weird hell spawned intestines growing out of walls, were made by an artist, as opposed to say Quake 2 in which it was more likely than not all done by one person. The person who built the level just plunked this stuff down. This person was being managed by another designer who was perhaps in turn being managed by yet another designer, there's a good chance that 1 or more other level designers helped construct different parts of any given level and it's also very likely that the lead designer went back over it and tweaked, or completely overhauled some stuff. Plus, each level has got to incorporate a ton of feedback and suggestions from other people on the development team.

So the question you are asking may be more or less impossible to answer because there is no straight answer.
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