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Default Problem Starting SiN:E (steam?)

I just purchased SiN Emergence and FINALLY after getting the dumb@$$ steam program to load the game I now get 1 of 2 errors when trying to load the game ::

1.) "Can't load C:\program files\steam\steamapps\ares9brkr\sin episodes emergence\bin\filesystem_steam.dll


2.) The game is no longer free please purchasse a copy

I purchased my copy at Wal-mart. paid in full so WTF

I purchase a game and as many people do expect it to work once it is installed, understanding that STEAM is part of it and had to be connecgted and updated first FINE . .. but WHY cant I launch the game now what other BS do I need to go through what other hoops are required to be jumped through so I can play this game.

if I can't make some progress on this today I will never buy another Ritual, STEAM, Valve product again no program should be this difficult to load and use and this is the only one I have encountered like this to date.

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