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Default Re: loading and stuttering problems

I do not have a firewall installed nor do I have any uninstall software other than the XP program uninstaller. I am running the game on a laptop and I have a wireless network using a cable modem and router. I dont believe that there is any firewall software in use. My issues are playing single player havent tried the multiplayer if there is one. A couple of times the game loaded without question but probably 8 out of 10 times the windows screen locks up and as soon as I hit control-alt-delete the nvidia screen starts running and the game starts. I never had any issues what so ever running half life 2 on this laptop with the same settings. Thanks for the quick response..... eagerly awaiting the patch because the game is simply unplayable on my machine. Scenes with several enemies play in slow motion and are so choppy I just saved and quit in frustration.
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