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Default Re: Mutagen gas effect makes my screen go black

what does it do then?

So the mutagen gas effect is a texture? Why else would there be that error message I posted above? Also, in HL2 the teleport effect was an animated texture, I think. So, could I be able to write a new .wmt file (that would be blank) or something and but that to the correct folder so that it would overwrite the original texture. Then after you guys would fix this I would simply remove the .wmt file... Could this work? and where and what I should put into that file?


In sinepisodes materials.gcf there's folder SE1\materials\Effects\ so that's probably the folder where I would have to put it...

there's poison_time.vmt and poison_time_dudv.vmt (and also a subfolder poison_mouth_spray but I don't think that's it)
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