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Hi again. Today I tried for a few *hours* to pile three garbage cans one atop the othe, and then another two next to the three. It was almost impossible. Getting the cans right way up after they fell over was pure torture, with cans bounding to the left, right and straight up every time I let them go. And its not just forcing an object below where it is "supposed to go" (What do you mean, phsicis wise, by that statement?) Like, imagine trying to flip a can over so that it is right side up. You lift it towards one of the large shipping crates lying around, brushing can against box corner to tilt the garbage can on its axis in an attempt to make it flip over. Once that can has been tilted, it seems never to forget that it was ever made to tilt and will bound off at all angles when I set it down (and belive me, I am setting them down very gently, 100% level and upright, and most certainly, not below where they are supposed to go. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img] Finally I would up cornering the can in a corner with Blade's body and waking closr and closer to to the corner till the force field from gun to can broke of its own accord and viola, one can down on the ground (99 botles to go)

You have to do better. You are using Valave's engine, and Valve's objects never reacted this way. Do they have some secret method that they are not telling?

I am not a game designer, nor a map maker, and I don't know what's involved nor why Sins objects ricochet and hl2s do not. I just hope I am not asking for the impossible.

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