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Default possible memory leak

this isnt really something i would call critical, but i noticed it today,

at around 5 or 6pm i was playing and i had to leave home, i saved my game, and then just left it as i was at a safe spot, i got home then at 2am [yeah, long while to leave the game running, which is why this probobly isnt important lol] the game had hung, and windows was reporting that i was using roughly 2 gigs of memory [being as i only have 384mb of ram this is bad], went into task manager, killed the game, which took a few minutes mind you, and the memory usage dropped back down to normal...
anyways, i dont know the map name, but i was in the tunnel right after you face that rather large annoying boss [the one you fight in the open area and then on the roof], i left it with my standing right before the drop off into the maze area where you eventually get to the car lol

i dont know if this is really a problem with the game, or with steam, or just my computer, as its pretty screwed up, but i figured id say something [img]/forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]
if you need my dx info or anything along those lines [im on a diffrent computer right now sorry] ill send it over too you,
oh and i feel bad for anyone you have test this, i realise i was gone for like 7 hours lol
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