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Default Re: [wip] Blade\'s voice pack

'm going to release and update to the package I'm currently distributing, with 50% more auto taunts (however, Blade shouldn't be more chatty- 30% response rate), and the SE1 taunts available in the manual taunt loop. After you listen to them, you'll see why I only used one for the autos.

A note on added voices to the screeplay: Most everything I'm trying to access is compiled. In order to get Blade to respond to different characters, the only way I can figure out is to simply append Blade's sound after the other character's line and override the voice original file. The lipsync will not be thrown off, but if it's a dialog his voice can overlap with the other speaker. I made a test intro where Blade response "F* you!" to just about everything said by by Elexis and Radek. Though hilarious to put Sin 1 and WoS lines in the conversations (often sounding very appropriate), this type of editing is going to be unwieldy, likely large for distribution and will be quickly made obsolete once the SDK is released. So I'm not going to add that functionality to my voice pack, but if anyone would like to, I'd be happy to help you get a hold of the voice files and help you figure out which files to change to make your own Blade responses.
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