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Default Re: What about a Physgun?

Originally posted by Maniac:
It doesn't seem SiN-esque.

I believe that's why the original poster was proposing it as a MOD and not as a core component of the Sin Episodes game play. Besides, how many of the MOD's that have every been created actually stuck to the style of the game they were made for?

It almost seems as though it should be possible to gain the functionality of the gravity gun through just using cheat codes. If you think about it, all the gravity gun really does is: increases the minimum distance an object has to be from you in order for you to be able to pick it up, allows you to manipulate "heavier" objects than you would otherwise be able to, and increases the velocity that said objects have when they leave your hand. Certainly there are some other factors involved but, at it's core, that's really all the gravity gun does. These all sound like things that the dev's would have made tweakable in game for debugging purposes. Granted you wouldn't have a specific gun that did it for you, but the functionality would be the same.
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