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Default Re: [wip] Blade\'s voice pack

Originally posted by MadMax:
dj, I figured out just what you said tonight... obviously the Source engine doesn't allow for scripted conversations as Sin 1 did. There are "scenes" which have timed conversations (made of several voice clips), but these are only for dialogues where the talking characters are physically present, i.e. no radio chatter. And radio chatter is what I'd most likely want to add. Unfortunately, this type of "dialogue" is simply some triggered wave files (obviously triggered from the maps), and only one wave file can be played back on such a trigger, so there can't be any followup responses by Blade. As you said, the only way to do that would be adding Blade's response (or "pre-sponse") to the actual wave file of Jessica/JC talking over the radio. I'll most likely do that and see what I can come up with. I've already extracted all the stuff from the GCF files; actually there are some voice clips and scripts in there that were not used in the game and which I'd have loved to see. I also listened through all of Blade's clips from Sin 1 and picked out quite a number that would be appropriate for Emergence. I'll report back when I get something.
Maybe you should hold your horses. This evening I sat down and experimented a little, and I've found a way to incorporate whatever radio chatter we want, with correct timings on following phrases and everything. It does take quite a bit of work to get right though, something which I myself don't have time with for the moment. Another problem is that if Ritual ever updates the map files, we would have to do everything again.

To make it easier to implement and also somewhat futureproof, I'm planning on making a small program capable of doing what we want using some form of specialized script language, that'll probably work on future versions on the maps as well.

I haven't got an answer from Ritual yet whether they would mind us doing this or not. They might care considering it'll mean editing the .bsp files supplied with the game, but then again the only people who would be able to use our patch would be the ones who already own the game (no .bsp-files will be distributed with the patch, since that would make it quite a hefty download, instead small .diff files or script files to the aforementioned program would be distributed).

Hmmm... I've got a feeling that what I've written so far isn't very structured, which could be because I'm both sick and staying up quite late. Short version: I've found a way to edit the .bsp-files so we can incorporate any radio chatter we want. I don't have the time or familiarity enough with the dialog in the two games to do it myself, but I can explain how. In a few days I may be able to write a small program to aid with the .bsp-editing. And I don't know if Ritual would embrace this kind of MOD.

That's it for tonight, now I'm going to bed. I'll probably be in the Ritualistic IRC-channel tomorrow, if you want to discuss the details in all this (mainly djbell and/or MadMax).

This is all very fun [img]/forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]
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