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I'll make a movie of the behavior in question wherein fairly heavy garbage cans fly off in all directions when released.

If you just can't wait for the movie (smile) the phenomena in question should become evident by attempting the following.

You are in the dock warehouses, You go up a flight of stairs, open a door and find yourself on a balcony. Below you is a small closed yard with a barbed wire fence to the left. You have to blow up a hanging girder so that it unlocks a gate in the barbed wire fence. Then you jump over the balcony and fight a small battle prior to entering the lighthouse level.

Before blowing up that can which dislodges the hanging girder....

Gather 4 or 5 garbage cans and one or two used oil cans and pre-position them on the balcony. Blow up the oil can below the balcony, the girder crashes to the ground, and ends up canted against the barbed wire fence, almost pointing like an arrow to a ladder coming down the side of the building on the other side of said fence. Ladder ends 20 feet in the air.

Pile up three garbage cans one atop the other, right underneath the ladder. Pile up two cans next to the three, and place one next to the two. Once these are in place you will be able to climb up to the ladder. You should end up cursing and spitting before you can get all of the cans in place. Once a garbage can tips over during the maneuvering, you have to turn it right side up, and as you find yourself doing that over and over, the directions that garbage cans start to take when released seem to get worse and worse. Since the large crates to the right of the ladder are large, i.e. almost at the same height as the 2nd or 3rd can, I often tried to use the crates to flip the cans upright so that they would be upright and at the same level as the 2nd or 3rd can.

Another oddity is that the poles holding the girder in the air end up like pickup sticks in the small yard. You cannot affect these metal poles on your own, but if you are moving a garbage can, you can hook these poles and move them however you wish.

Also, re valve engine, I realize that boxes in the water acted a 'bit' odd, but only a bit. One could not, for-instance, ride on them, they would always tip over, and that seems lifelike. There is not one instance of valve physical actions/reactions that were overtly weird. Everything seemed to act like its corresponding object in real life.

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