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Default Re: Blade\'s \"Skateboard\" movement makes Sin unplay

Yes me too... I have a 6800gt, the game is not freezing as other elements of the game still move normally but it seems to be both my inputs (keyboard and mouse) that get stuck.

Sometimes it will keep moving forwards in a certain direction (a keyboard press) and sometimes it will keep shooting (a mouse press) and in during the lockup further mouse and keyboard does nothing, but the baddies carry on shooting me.

I am on a ps2 keyboard (only realised this when i swapped out the keyboard to test a different one) and a microsoft intellimouse usb (tried two of those as well) but it seems as im not the only person it wont be the actual input devices at fault.

I dont run xfire, and I always close down any programs that could cause spikes in my system such as torrents or whatnot. Im running avast antivirus which is still running in the background.

Also only exprienced this since the patch was released, and its now totally unplayable.. is there a way to remove the patch because i wasn't even having any problems before this! :P

I dont know if its because I'm just sensitive to it now that i cant play sin but I also play DoD source a hell of a lot and i am noticing a very minor version of this bug in that. It only happens for a very short time compared to sin, and the game is still quite playable. Its more like a hiccup, I'll swing the mouse round to shoot somebody and it doesnt respond but a second flick of the mouse (if im not dead) will work. I havent tested any other source engine games (unless shadowgrounds demo is source engine in which case it runs fine).

Also I like the description of the bug lol, i was having trouble explaining it to my friends who dont have it happening to them, but skateboarding is very accurate!
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