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Default Re: Blade\'s \"Skateboard\" movement makes Sin unplay

You bought a new computer to play Sin Emergence? Speaks highly for it! I think it rocks. But that's another story.

I too have the problem where he doesn't quite stop moving the instant I take my finger off a key. Its no more than a split second, so I thought it was designed in, sort of an attempt at realistic movement. Then I thought - but then you'd bob up and down too, like in the first one, so I came to the forums and lo! here is a thread. Not had ANYthing as severe as it refusing to stop at all, its just more of a glide as if on a slippery surface. Assumed sewers and office floors were both just slippy at first! I'm about half way between middle and recommended spec for the game so I don't think its my CPU necessarily - but it could be, its about the one part of my spec that is actually minimum for the game. Its not enough for me to stop playing though, I just try to compensate for it. Doesn't matter too much when you've got the slider set all the way to 'help faster'!

I'll try some of the suggested fixes when I get time, see what happens. Not going for upgrading my CPU though - I'd have to upgrade the motherboard. So then I'd also have to upgrade everything else...

Edit - forgot to say that I had quite a number of problems with the game before the patch came out, and that fixed everything else except the occasional sound stutter at loading screens, which I consider a big win for the first patch! I'd only just twigged this evening that the 'not always stopping when you wanted to' might be a 'bug' and not a 'feature'!
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