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Default Re: Enabling Joystick causes view to just look to

Ok, I tried that. Enabled the Developer Console and used ~ (tilde) to get to it. Typed "exec joy" and hit Submit button. Restarted game and made sure the joystick buttons were bound to their respective functions (joy1 - primary, AUX6/AUX 7 forward and backward, JOY4/AUX5 strafe left/right, etc....). Created new game.
Same issue. I have "enable joystick" and "use joystick to look around" turned on. Moving the stick left and right make the screen go left and right. And the Z axis rotates the sky in circles either counter or clockwise depending on either up/down direction. The view is still looking straight up. Disabling joystick allows for proper function with the mouse. Seems like the game is not recognizing the "look around" function for the joystick.

Oh, and if it matters. This is downloaded from STEAM as a preload purchase, but I don't think this is STEAM issue.
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