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Default Re: Game Freezes EVERYTIME at specific point

did you downlaod them or insall them?

remember you have to doulbe click on the icon after you downloaded the file to get it to run.

I'm only asking because I had a freind 'install' updates but didn't acualy run the install programs. In Redmond; this shouldn't happen (his parents may be sued for neglegence j/k). you'd be amazed how many stupid mistakes are made ( just today I downloaded scripts to the wrong file location, i didnt even pick up the sublte i'm a nerd...)

also; do you have enough Ram? I have to have paging files to run Sin:E.
windows was pretty explicit abotu telling me i was out of ram though.

I'm also wondering about the processor. I'm runing with a Pentium 4 2.8GHz and about a 1K of RAM (and paging files) and the game is fine.
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