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Originally posted by 10Stars:Umm, excuse me but WHY WOULD YOU TAKE THE TIME TO DO THAT??

Did you spend 20$ (or 17.95) To sit there and stack trash cans? ITS NOT A BIG DEAL. IT DOES NOT AFFECT GAMEPLAY. IT IS A TRASH CAN.
[sarcasem] you just don't get it do you?[/sarcasm]

acually i had a freind try to kill a grunt with a gun...
but he treid to THROW the gun to kill the grunt. his lack of sanity is strange at times; but often yeilds unexpected results.

Originally posted by Gibaholic:
Are you kidding me? I spent like 5 minutes throwing garbage in trashcans, no joke.
there are jobs, like sanitation workers, that I think nobody wants to do. but then again I am constantly remined that everyone is diffrent and has a perfect job waiting for them.

you my freind make this world cleaner and take joy doing it... you are also why robots will never do all the meanial chores of life and try to take over the world.

thank you.
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