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Most of the time that I want to place a can, it is tilted at the time that it that I would like to place it. If I let that tilted can go, it will topple off its new intented resting place.

I *have* to scrape the can against a wall or some other surface in order to make it align with the surface below. Also, if a can is picked up from a surface, and placed somewhere higher than its starting point, then that can *will be at an angle with respect to vertical at the new higher level* How does one get the 2nd can into alignment if we cannot use some vertical surface to force the can into alignment?

Another aspsct of Sin physics is that objects seem to remember that they have picked up some force vectors even if the object in question has been returned to a dead level position.

I'll just let the whole matter drop if you are satisfied with your explanations about bending walls and such, but I think this behavior should be fixed because it is not valid virtual behavior.

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