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Default Re: How do I disable Head bob

The problem isn't caused by the people that make Half-life 2, it is a problem found in almost all FPS games, the fault, I believe lies with you if I understand your post correctly.

What it looks like your suffering from is your body doesn't know if its sitting still or inmotion. Your eyes see the gun infront of you bobbing as you move, and you are running around and turning throughout the game world, but your mind senses that you are seated and still. Your body gets confused and tries to make sense of the conflicting signals your receiving, and you get sick.

It basically is the same thing as getting sea sick, your eyes see you are seated in the cabin of a boat surrounded by 4 walls, but your body is moving up and down along the water, and you get sick to your stomache.

Best bet to relieve your sickness feeling is to setup a strict schedule of playing and taking a break.
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