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Default Re: How do I disable Head bob

I know the problem doesn't lie with the game.

I'm just saying that I'm not the only one who has this problem.
I've been playing FPS games for years and I have found ways to avoid getting sick.
The easiest way is to disable head bob in the game and that solves the problem.

However I just want someone to help me out with the console command to disable head bobbing.

This command is in almost every FPS game that was made for the PC.

Although what i'm about to say is off topic, don't flame me for this.
I have found out that games on the Doom engine and Unreal engine don't make me as sick as the Half Life 2 engine and the earlier quake engine.

Still if someone can post a command line which will disable head bob I would really appreciate it.

Is there a way someone can alert a developer of this topic, so maybe they can post a command here?
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