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Default Re: How do I disable Head bob

Ritual does monitor these boards but normally only during work hours. We try to address and post in every thread here that requires our attention. Please be patient as we try to address all issues.

The only way to disable the gun bob is by typing the following command:
r_drawviewmodel 0
Unfortunately, this will label you as a cheater. I have forwarded the information on to the dev team and we will look at alleviating this in the future. There is currently no way to disable the gun bob, only to stop it from appearing.

Another thing you can try is the FOV. Try:
fov 90
in the console. I *believe* our game defaults to an fov of 90, so you may try other numbers and see what works best for you.

As a last resort, see some of the suggestions here:

We are committed to our customers and want everyone to have a fun and enjoyable experience with the game.
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