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Default Re: Game \'locks\' at \'Loading\' screen

There are only a few more things I can think of to help this problem. Are all of your savegames corrupt right now? The game should have your 2 most recent autosaves as well as the 2 most recent quicksaves and any full saves you may have done. Can you not load any of them?

Are you having the corrupted savegame issue in the same spot every time? Where exactly have your savegames gotten corrupted each time?

Unfortunately, since we cannot reproduce this issue in-house, we are unable to provide a consistent fix or remedy to this problem. If you would like to send a copy of your savegame in a short email to crashes [at] ritual [dot] com, we can maybe find a solution from it as to why it's happening. The email can contain either a link to this thread or just a small explanation of what's going on.

I'm sorry you've had this issue with the game and hopefully we can work it out promptly so you can complete it. As a precautionary measure, you may want to try verifying your game cache through steam as well.
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