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Default Patch 1.2 Work Underway (Update 6/16)

We've been monitoring the forums since the release of the v1.1 patch back on May 17, and have been happy to see that the vast majority of issues that our customers have been seeing were corrected with that patch. However, there are still some remaining issues.

We've been collecting issues and crash dumps from people who have been visiting this forum as well as the forum over at SteamPowered, and have been working on the v1.2 patch over the last couple of weeks.

If you are still having issues, I ask that you please be patient with us while we work with you. If you have had an issue that you were able to correct on your own, please post what your issue was and your workaround.

Once the final contents of the patch are locked down, a full changelist will be posted as well as an ETA on the patch.

Update 6/15/2006: We're currently planning on releasing the patch in two parts to reduce download sizes. Code fixes, closed caption fixes and new functionality will be released first, and level fixes will be released shortly after that.

Update 6/16/2006: Confirmed In The First Patch:
<font color="red"> Added: </font> Arena Mode (Maps TBD)
<font color="blue"> Fixed: </font> Security bots will no longer be invulnerable in some rooms in Highrise 2
<font color="blue"> Fixed: </font> Closed captioning lines not appearing
<font color="blue"> Fixed: </font> Typos in closed captions
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