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Default Re: Enabling Joystick causes view to just look to


I adjusted "joy_pitchsensitivity 0".
I adjusted "joy_yawsensitivity 0".
Then "centerview". This brought it down to forward looking,
However the joystick "x and y" axis simply just move the "side to side" and "forward and backward"

So, I adjusted "joy_sidesensitivity 0" and "joy_forwardsensitivity 0"
This keeps me stationary looking forward, but I still can not look around with the joystick. I'm thinking that the pitch and yaw definately have a lot to do with this or something else. I think I'll try pitch and yaw at something similiar to the "m_yaw" and "m_pitch".

The way I typically play is that "AUX6 and AUX7" are Foward/Backward and "JOY4 and AUX5" are Left/Right Strafe. Other buttons on the joystick jump, duck, weapons etc... Just need the x/y axis of the joystick to look around.
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