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Default SiN Episodes Review Roundup

Check out the latest batch of SiN Episodes: Emergence reviews:

<ul>[*] Armchair General - 84% [*] Computer and Video Games - 8.3 / 10[*] GamesRadar - 8 / 10 [*] Ace Gamez - 8 / 10 [*] Gaming Nexus - 7.8 / 10 [*] GameZone - 7.5 / 10[*] Voodoo Extreme - 7/10[*] Pro-G - 6/10 [*] Four Fat Chicks - 3 / 5 [*] <a href="" target="_blank">GameSpy</a> - 3/5[/list]Also, the latest update over at Penny Arcade gives their impressions on the first episode.
<blockquote>It's "pulp," or whatever the digital equivalent is. It's almost aggressively opposed to higher brain functions. It has an overplayed, theoretically sensual villainess who practically twirls her moustache she's so evil - I was surprised that they didn't tie up sidekick Jessica Cannon and place her on a "Mag-Lev Junction" while an unseen pianist pounded on his instrument. Where Half-Life 2 and its progeny are adventure games delivered with a first person metaphor, Sin is a shooter of the old school, those primitive and brutal diversions of a species hungry for annihilation.</blockquote>
Full list of reviews.
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