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Default Re: Enabling Joystick causes view to just look to

I looked at the HL2 "config.cfg" file and found that turning on/off the "use joystick to look around" adds/removes a "+jlook" value
at the end of the file. In SiN Episodes toggling this value also add a +jlook as well. I tried using some of the joy_advaxisx and joyadvaxisy functions to enable looking around per the steam doc by editing the config.cfg and adding the extra config options to the mix and making sure the pitch/forward/yaw etc... values were the same as HL2. Anyways... looks like SIN is not recognizing the "+jlook" or any of the advanced functions. Going to try again with removing the game from STEAM then totally removing the game directory from my hard drive and re-installing. If this truely is supposed to work then maybe my image is corrupted again....
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