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Originally posted by wisecode:
If you guys are referring to SiN:E it will be the HL2 func_useableladder, not the legacy func_ladder.

There is a trick you can use in Source mods to get the Player upside-down, other than to re-code the Player, teleport them with the destination upside-down, their view will be skewed once they teleport, you can restore their view the same way.
I tried changing the angle of teleport destinations, but could not rotate the players axis more than 45 degrees in the x axis. Tried setting it to such values like 90 and 180, but it would only be rotated by 45 degrees. The y and z just appeared to alter the persons view temporary and the player could just move the mouse back to the normal position.

The problem with using func_useableladder is that if you were to jump.. you fall.
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