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Default Re: A little stuttering + lag

okay ive tried the stuff there parnic..

and its pretty much reduced when
mat_forcemanagedtexturesintohardware is set to 0

Cl_smooth / Cl_forcepreload and sv_forcepreload did nothing.. i even tried them in valves games..

snd_mixahead gave bad results when set to anything other than 0.1 (the default value)
if i set it to anything else it sounds like theres weird static on all sounds.. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img]

so as i said mat_forcemanagedtexturesintohardware set to 0 has reduced it but at autosaves and level transisions it still studders..

also it seems like at sertain points when a scripted event happens it studders a little..

im not intirely shure if its at a scripted event or not.. and it does not happen in all off the scripted events either..

but for now im preatty satisfied with the results.. i hope that valve, you guys at ritual, or someone else figures out the cause so it can be fixed.. but for now i don't have a clue what causes my rig to produce studdering
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